Rabu, 11 Januari 2023

Police Arrest Four Rummy Gamblers in North Lampung

Oleh Yudha Priyanda

Police showing arrest warrant with number LP/A/02/I/2023/SPKT/SEK KTB KOTA/RES LU/POLDA LAMPUNG, January 10, 2023. Photo: Yudha/berdikari.co

Berdikari.co, North Lampung - Four gamblers named Apriyadi Yusuf (56), M. Afandi (55), M. Rusli (49), Julisius (35) are residents of Cempedak Village, Kotabumi District, North Lampung Regency (Lampura). The four perpetrators were arrested by the Kotabumi Police team on Tuesday (10/01/2023) at around 14.15 WIB.

Kotabumi Police Chief, Ipda Sulyadi explained, the chronology of the arrests of the four gambling perpetrators began with information obtained from local residents.

"There were leng gambling perpetrators located on Jalan Abdul Yusuf, Cempedak Urban Village, Kotabumi, so the team immediately arrested the perpetrators," said Sulyadi, Wednesday (11/11/2023).

He revealed that the location was often used as a place for gambling, therefore the perpetrators were arrested to provide a deterrent effect. In addition to the perpetrators, the Kotabumi Police team also secured two witnesses named Yasir Bustaman (37) and Sandy Eka Saputra (38).

"We have received reports from residents, it has often become a place for gambling, and it is very disturbing, very troubling for residents," said Sulyadi.

The evidence secured included two sets of blue playing cards, two sets of red playing cards, one set of blue playing card boxes, one red playing card box, three matches, one 2x4 banner, cash of IDR 274. 000.

Currently the perpetrator has been detained at the Kotabumi Police Headquarters for further investigation. The arrest was stated in letter number LP/A/02/I/2023/SPKT/SEK KTB KOTA/RES LU/POLDA LAMPUNG, January 10, 2023. (*)

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