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Selasa, 24 Januari 2023

Umrah Package Rates for 11 Days of Travel Increase by IDR 10 Million

Oleh Siti Khoiriah

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Berdikari.co, Bandar Lampung - A number of Umrah travel agents in Lampung Province made price adjustments after hotel rates in Mecca and Medina increased by up to 300 percent.

The increase in prices was influenced by the increase in the number of pilgrims who performed the Umrah pilgrimage, so that travel agents had difficulty getting lodging places.

Manager of the Al Fatoni Travel Bureau in Bandar Lampung, Beni Arnita, said that currently various travel agencies are increasing the rates for the Umrah pilgrimage.

"The Umrah fare has increased because hotel prices in Mecca have also increased by up to 300 percent. So we don't want to adjust it," said Beni, Monday, January 23, 2023.

He revealed that the regular Umrah packages at Al Fatoni for 11 days of travel are at Rp. 35 million with accommodations only hundreds of meters from the Kaaba.

"The regular package at IDR 35 million is an increase from before there was Covid-19. Previously the price was only IDR 25 million or an increase of around IDR 10 million. But this is complete and the hotel is close to the Kaaba, so you don't have to go far," he explained.

He explained, since 2022 the number of people carrying out the Umrah pilgrimage has continued to increase.

"Thank God, now there are no problems. In one month there are an average of 35 to 40 people, and routinely per month. In the past, when there was still a Covid-19 pandemic, there were still those who departed, but not regularly every month," he said.

Ventour Travel Operations Director for the Lampung Branch, Ronald explained, he had started making price adjustments for Umrah pilgrimage trips in the last few months.

"Right now the price of Umrah packages is going up, because there is an adjustment in lodging prices. Hotel prices in Saudi Arabia have all gone up, so that travel agents can no longer afford it other than to charge pilgrims," he said.

He said, for the Umrah promo package at Ventour Travel with the previous nine days of travel it was IDR 24.4 million. And now it has increased to IDR 25.4 million or an increase of IDR 1 million per congregation.

"So the increase per package is an average of IDR 1 million. The promo package was IDR 24.4 million, now it has increased by IDR 1 million. This is for nine days of travel. But everything is complete in the package," he explained.

Even though there was an increase in prices, Ronald said it had not reduced the enthusiasm of the people who wanted to perform the Umrah pilgrimage to the holy land.

"Alhamdulillah, the number of pilgrims has increased steadily since 2022. Now in one month there can be up to 500 pilgrims. Meanwhile, during the Covid-19 pandemic there were only 100 to 150 people per month," he said. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya