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Kamis, 26 Januari 2023

Vehicles in Lampung Indonesia Reached 3,992,284 Units

Oleh Sri

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Berdikari.co, Bandar Lampung - The number of vehicles in Lampung Province increases by around 100 thousand units every year. In 2022 the number of vehicles paved is 3,992,284 units, and most are in Bandar Lampung.

The Central Statistics Agency for Lampung Province released, the number of both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles in 15 districts/cities of Lampung continues to experience growth every year.

BPS noted, in 2019 the number of vehicles in Lampung was 3,550,281 units, in 2020 it rose to 3,638,899 units, and in 2021 it increased to 3,766,147 units or an average increase of around 100 thousand units every year.

Meanwhile, the Police Traffic Corps released the number of vehicles in Lampung in 2022 as many as 3,992,284 units. In detail, 322,598 passenger cars, 3,311 buses, 190,051 loaded cars, 3,473,911 motorcycles and 2,413 special vehicles.

This number is spread evenly in 15 regencies/cities in Lampung Province. The highest number of vehicles was in Bandar Lampung with 954,190 units.

Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the Lampung Provincial Government, Kusnardi said, the growing number of vehicles had both positive and negative impacts on the region.

"With the increasing number of vehicles, of course there will be regional income, if these vehicles pay taxes. Because as is known, vehicle tax is the largest sector contributing to regional original income," said Kusnardi, Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Kusnardi revealed that the Lampung Provincial Government continues to make breakthroughs to provide convenience for people who want to pay taxes, one of which is by launching the Village Electronic Samsat.

"We are optimizing and making it easier for people who will pay taxes by making breakthroughs such as the Village Samsat. We also need new innovations so that it is easy for people to pay taxes," he said.

Kusnardi explained that the negative impact of the continued increase in the number of vehicles is the emergence of pollution and congestion.

"This may be one of the negative impacts on the growth of vehicles. We are still trying to prepare public transportation facilities as a solution to reduce pollution," he explained.

Dealer Development and Marketing Support for Honda Lampung Raya, Raxel said, there were 950 new Honda cars sold in 2021.

"Then in 2022, thank God, there will be an increase in sales of 1,100 vehicle units," said Raxel.

He said his company targets the number of vehicles sold in 2023 to be higher than in 2022. This target is supported by the large number of people who want to own a vehicle every year.

"We are targeting sales of new Honda cars in 2023 at 1,200 vehicle units or an additional 100 units," he said.

The Toyota automotive company closed 2022 with a sales volume of 331,410 units on a wholesale basis, up 12.1 percent from 2021. Toyota now leads the Indonesian automotive market with a market share of 31.6 percent.

The increase in vehicle sales is in line with economic growth which is recovering after the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, there is an increase in people's purchasing power.

Vice President of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Henry Tanoto in a press release said, "We are grateful that we are still able to keep pace with the market and maintain a positive trend of sales growth throughout 2022 by reaching more than 331,000 units.

He hopes that this trend will continue to move in a positive direction so that Toyota can contribute to improving the economy, while meeting the mobility needs of various customers.

Composition-wise, Toyota's sales in 2022 will still be dominated by the MPV segment, which contributes 57.6 percent. The electrification vehicle segment is also showing an increasingly positive trend this year. Total wholesale sales have reached 4,463 units, a significant increase of 130 percent from 2021 which closed at 1,935 units.

This achievement was supported by the presence of the first battery electric vehicle, the Toyota bZ4X and the first locally produced plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Kijang Innova Zenix.

"This result will certainly be the basis for Toyota in developing technology that is in line with the needs of people's mobility and is more environmentally friendly," said Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Anton Jimmi Suwandy. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya