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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2023

West Lampung Indonesia Forms Coffee Industry Center

Oleh Echa wahyudi

West Lampung Indonesia Forms Coffee Industry Center. Photo: Echa/berdikari.co

Berdikari.co, West Lampung - In order to provide convenience and improve the welfare of Robusta ground coffee business actors, the West Lampung Industry and Trade Cooperative Service has formed a coffee industry center which is centered in Balik Bukit District.

The Head of the West Lampung Industry and Trade Cooperative Service, Tri Umaryani, through the Head of the Industry Sector, Reza Pahlevi conveyed, until now the coffee industry center already has 34 members of the business sector specifically in charge of selling West Lampung typical coffee.

"Because this industrial center program is a direct program from the central government to bring out the superior commodities of each region so that they are better known in the market, as well as improve the welfare and ability of business actors to run their businesses," said Reza, when confirmed, Saturday, January 28, 2023.

This program has been included in the work program of the related Office in 2023. Later, business actors will be provided with assistance in the licensing process, marketing and other basic needs, so it is hoped that with this program, West Lampung Robusta coffee can be upgraded.

"This ground coffee industry center has been institutionally formed, it's just waiting for the approval of the Regent's Decree," he continued.

Later the West Lampung Industry and Trade Cooperative Office will always provide assistance to these industrial centers regarding how their businesses can develop even more. Then how to manage it, marketing it so that it is more advanced.

"Then the most important thing is that besides providing convenience for coffee business actors, this industrial center institution that has been formed can also become a forum for sharing knowledge between coffee business actors so that good communication will be formed between business actors on how to jointly develop a successful business. been working on it all this time," he said.

In West Lampung itself there are several members whose ground coffee business is quite large and well-known in West Lampung Regency and even other areas, so that business people who have not been able to develop their business to the fullest can learn and share about techniques for selling and managing coffee with good.

"So later those whose businesses are already large can share their knowledge with other business actors, with the hope that business actors can develop each other and follow in the footsteps of other members whose businesses are already quite large," he said.

In the future the number of members in this coffee industry center could increase. Because every time there will be new business actors who will emerge in the future, so it is hoped that this coffee industry center can contribute to the economic progress of one of West Lampung's leading commodities.

"Because our target is how the industry can grow, so it's not just the existing business actors, but must grow new business actors, so that later West Lampung can be increasingly known as the best robusta coffee center in Lampung and even in Indonesia," he said.

In addition to the ground coffee industry, in the future his party will open other industries in each sub-district. This was done considering that there are still many superior products in West Lampung that must be developed.

"We also have a lot of industries here from local entrepreneurs who come from various sub-districts, so in the future maybe we will also form a regional handicraft industry center, apart from that also a banana processing industry center which will be centered in Air Hitam District, Sugar Cane Gardens. , and the Surian Building," he concluded. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya