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Senin, 30 Januari 2023

10 Prisoners in East Lampung Indonesia Free

Oleh Arby Pratama

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Berdikari.co, East Lampung - As many as 10 inmates who were assisted by correctional facilities at the Class IIB Sukadana Detention Center were released. They received a home assimilation decree.

Submission of this house assimilation Decree, in order to follow up on Permenkumham No. M.HH-186.PK.05.09 Year 2022. The submission of the house assimilation decree was carried out at the Sukadana Class IIB Detention Center, Friday 27 January 2023.

The Head of the Class IIB Sukadana Detention Center, Abdul Aziz, accompanied by the Head of the Detention Services sub-section, Romzi B, said that the release was a national program with the assimilation rate at home.

"Assimilation at home is a national action program for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The assimilation at home is carried out as a measure to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in the Class IIB Sukadana Detention Center," Abdul said when questioned.

"This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number. M.HH-186.PK.05.09 of 2022 concerning Adjustment of the Period for Assimilation, Parole, Leave Before Release, and Conditional Leave for Convicts and Children in the Context of Prevention and Handling The spread of Covid-19," he continued.

He also mentioned, throughout 2023, his party had issued Decrees on house assimilation to as many as 51 Assisted Residents.

"Throughout 2023, as many as 51 prisoners have received a house assimilation decree," he said.

He explained, the inmates who get assimilation, namely for convicts who have served 2/3 of their sentence.

"As well as children who have served half of their criminal terms, where for 2/3 of their criminal terms until June 30, 2023, of course they also meet the requirements of good behavior," he said.

"As well as showing a reduction in the level of risk as well as administrative and other substantive requirements will get the program," he added.

Abdul Aziz revealed that inmates who meet the requirements of the assimilation program should carry out assimilation in an orderly manner and follow the guidance of the Bapas officers properly.

"We also appeal to the families of prisoners not to be influenced by individuals, whoever and wherever they are who promise to arrange assimilation with a guaranteed amount of money. Assimilation management and other programs are free of charge or free of charge," said Abdul Aziz.

The head of the Prison Service sub-section, Romzi B, said that this house assimilation program is not completely free.

"There are terms and conditions that must be known, namely that prisoners who are currently participating in the home assimilation program are serving the remainder of their sentence at home," Romzi explained.

Through this program, he hopes, the coaching process can continue, by returning to the community.

"As well as prisoners who get this program can feel the benefits. Our message is for prisoners who get free assimilation, keep their behavior. And don't commit acts that violate the law and cause anxiety in the midst of society," he stated.

Previously, as many as 15 inmates at the Class IIB Sukadana Detention Center received assimilation, Thursday 5 January 2023.

The 15 inmates were assimilated because they had good behavior while in the Class IIB Sukadana Detention Center, East Lampung. The details of the 15 convicts consist of 14 men and one woman. (*)

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