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Senin, 30 Januari 2023

IDR 690 Million Entered Lampung Cash from Kota Baru Land Leasing

Oleh Siti Khoiriah

Kota Baru, Tanjung Karang Timur District, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province. Photo: document/berdikari.co

Berdikari.co, Bandar Lampung - The Lampung Province Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency noted that until now there have been 230 hectares of agricultural land in Kota Baru, South Lampung Regency, which tenants have paid rent for.

Head of the Assets Division at the Lampung Province Regional Financial and Assets Management Agency, Meydiandra said, the land lease policy is based on Decree Number: G/293/VI.02/HK/2022, whereby residents must pay IDR 3 million per hectare for one year.

"So there are already 230 hectares of Kota Baru land for which the rent has been paid. The value alone is around IDR 690 million. So the amount of land proposed is different," said Medy, when questioned, Monday 30 January 2023.

Medy detailed, the cultivators who had already made the payments were scattered in several villages. Such as in Sindang Anom Village, Gedung Agung, Sinar Rezeki, Purwotani, Margodadi, Sidodadi Asri, Margorejo, Sumber Jaya and Margo Mulyo.

"For the total land in Kota Baru itself, there are around 900 hectares that can potentially be planted by residents. And we will continue to make efforts so that all residents want to rent because it is clear that this is a state asset, so binding rules apply," he explained.

Medy revealed that there are cultivators who will pay the rent, so his party will send officers who will re-measure it so that the farmers know how much money must be paid.

"In making payments, we also don't use cash. When farmers ask to rent, we from the officers will measure it. After that, they are asked to deposit at the bank. So the money goes directly to the regional treasury," he explained.

He also explained that the land lease will be valid for one year. If the Kota Baru land has no plan to continue development, then the land lease can be extended.

"This land lease is valid for one year, if later there is no plan to continue development, we will extend it again. If we make it five years, we are worried that there will be continued development," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Commission I of the Regional People's Legislative Council of Lampung Province, Yozi Rizal, asked the Lampung provincial government to continue to make approaches so that Kota Baru land cultivators are willing to pay rent.

"Efforts must be made to approach so that all are willing to make payments because it does not rule out the possibility that there are still those who refuse to make payments," he said.

Yozi explained, the stipulation of a land lease fee of IDR 3 million per hectare for one year was an effort by the Lampung provincial government to protect assets.

"Hopefully this can also be one of the efforts of the Lampung provincial government to increase local revenue as well as efforts to secure regional assets," he concluded. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya