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Kamis, 02 Februari 2023

29 Fire Cases Occurred in West Lampung Indonesia, Losses Reached IDR 3.85 Billion

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Berdikari.co, West Lampung - The West Lampung Regency Government through the Civil Service Police Unit and the Fire Department noted that during 2022 to January 2023 there were 29 fire incidents with an estimated material loss of IDR 3.85 billion.

The Head of the Civil Service Police Unit, Haiza Rinsa, through the Head of the Fire and Rescue Division, Rusfel Gultom said, of the total fire incidents that occurred there was 1 fatality and 1 serious injury that occurred in 2022, the cause of the fire was dominated by short circuit power short.

The fires occurred in a number of sub-districts in Bumi Beguai Jejama Sai Betik, the details are Balik Bukit District 7 cases, Sukau 2 cases, Way Tenong 4 cases, Suoh State Airport 1 case, Sugar Cane Gardens 4 cases, Belalau 2 cases, Suoh 1 case, Sekincau 2 cases, Sugar Cane Gardens 1 case and Batu Brak District 1 case.

"Then Pagar Dewa 1 case, Lumbok Seminung 1 case, that's for 2022, while for January 2023 there were 2 cases that occurred in Way Tenong District Saturday 7 January 2023 and Sugar Cane Gardens Sunday 22 January 2023," said Rusfel, when interviewed in the work, Thursday 2 February 2023.

Rusfel revealed that electrical short circuits were the main cause of fires in West Lampung. Then, other factors are leaking gas cylinders, burning garbage carelessly, sparks from diesel engines and several other factors that can lead to fire incidents.

"Maybe many people already know about the source of the causes of fires, but prevention efforts are not maximally carried out, so we continue to provide appeals and outreach to the community regarding efforts to prevent fires from occurring because it is important to do this," he said.

His party continues to socialize and give messages to all people to always check the electrical installation and gas stoves in their respective homes, then turn off devices connected to electricity when traveling outside the house and make sure to use Indonesian national standard goods.

"Such as a gas stove and its devices must comply with usage standards, then the electricity connection when leaving the house must be unplugged so as not to cause unwanted things, people are also required to be careful of flammable objects or basic materials such as wood, cloth, plastic and so on," he added.

Rusfel hopes that the warnings that have been conveyed and given to the community can reduce the risk of fire accidents. So that people are more aware and concerned about the dangers of fire accidents that occur. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya