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Selasa, 07 Februari 2023

Government of West Lampung, Indonesia Proposes Coffee School Innovation

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Kop school, Suka Jaya Village, Sumber Jaya District, West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Photo: Documents.Echa

Berdikari.co, West Lampung - In order to improve the integration of the implementation of central and regional development the West Lampung Regency Government is following the phase II verification and assessment carried out by the National Development Planning Agency, in the Pesagi Room. Tuesday 7 February 2023.

Ir. Andriya Yunila Hastuti M.SI, a representative for the Lampung central and regional development team, said that her party appreciated Lambar Regency, because Lambar is one of the districts that has always been nominated. He also hopes that West Lampung Regency this year will again win the first best ranking.

"Hopefully in 2023 West Lampung Regency will again win the first best ranking because now West Lampung has been declared in the top five. Therefore, we are here at Lambar today to conduct an assessment," said Andriya.

Acting Regent of Lambar Drs. H. Nukman M.M said he felt proud because in 2023 it was the sixth time that West Lampung Regency had passed the second stage of the regional development award at the Lampung Province level.

"We are grateful and grateful for the achievements that have been achieved by West Lampung Regency so far, in 2018 West Lampung won the second best rank, 2019 the first best rank, 2020 the second best rank, 2021 the first best rank and in 2022 again won the best ranking. second," Nukman said.

He hopes that in 2023 West Lampung Regency can again win the first best ranking at the Lampung Province level.

"We have great hopes for the assessment team from Lampung Province so that this year Lambar Regency can improve its achievements in central and regional development and represent Lampung Province at the national level," said Nukman

Because according to him, this is a motivation for the West Lampung Regency Government in the future in compiling a planning process, where there are various limitations, both limited human and natural resources and budget constraints.

On that occasion, he also explained that in order to support the theme of the 2023 Government Work Plan namely 'Increasing Productivity for Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Transformation', the innovation raised at central and regional development this year is the coffee school innovation.

"The West Lampung Coffee School is a vocational education or coffee training center and the only one in Indonesia that is owned and managed by the local government," he said.

He hopes that the impact of having a coffee school will increase the ability of farmers and business actors to increase coffee production and quality as well as the added value of coffee products in Lambar which will lead to improving people's economic welfare. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya