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Minggu, 12 Februari 2023

Legitimate! The General Election Commission of South Lampung Indonesia Sets 2,980 Polling Places for the 2024 Election

Oleh Handika

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Berdikari.co, South Lampung - The General Election Commission of South Lampung Regency Indonesia, officially appointed a number of 2,980 Voter Data Updating Officers simultaneously in each village.

Chairman of the General Election Commission of South Lampung, Ansurasta Razak stated, the process of inaugurating Pantarlih was carried out by each Voting Committee in 260 Villages/Kelurahan.

"There are 2,980 Voter Data Updating Officers, the inauguration is carried out by each Voting Committee," said Ansurasta when confirmed. Sunday, February 12, 2023.

The Voter Data Updating Officer who has been appointed adjusts the number of polling places, namely 1 person for each polling place spread across 17 sub-districts and 260 villages or sub-districts.

Initially, it was recorded that South Lampung had 3,230 polling places and after re-mapping or restructuring, the number 2,980 polling places appeared.

"We are carrying out instructions from the General Elections Commission of the Republic of Indonesia, to map or restructure the number of polling places again, especially in South Lampung. Based on the maps that were carried out, that's why it decreased by 250 (voting places)," continued the chairman of the general election commission. .

After being inaugurated, the Voter Data Updating Officer immediately took part in Technical Guidance in each Village. After that, they will go straight to the field to carry out verification and research on updating voter data.

The plan is to check and update voter data to start rolling from February 12 to March 14 2023 to residents' homes.

It is hoped that the community will prepare e-KTP and Family Cards when officers visit them who will carry out verification and research on updating voter data.

"The Voter Data Update Officer must work professionally and with integrity to ensure the success of the voter data updating and matching stages. This is because the Voter Data Update Officer is one of the spearheads of voter data accuracy," said Aan. (*)