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Selasa, 11 April 2023

Civil Servants in Lampung Prohibited from Going Eid Homecoming Using Official Vehicles



Berdikari.co, Bandar Lampung - The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Lampung has banned state civil servants (ASN) from using official vehicles for the 2023 Eid homecoming.

Assistant I for Administration and Welfare of the Lampung Provincial Government, Qodratul Ikhwan, said official vehicles should not be used for going home because they are not suitable for their use.

According to Qodratul, generally ASNs within the Lampung Provincial Government have understood the rules regarding the prohibition of using official vehicles for this Eid homecoming.

"ASN already know the rules that official vehicles are not used for private activities, and it is hoped that everyone can obey them," said Qodratul, Monday (10/4/23).

Mayor of Metro, Wahdi also banned officials and civil servants within the City Government of Metro from traveling to and from the province of Lampung using official vehicles.

"If there are still civil servants who violate it, strict sanctions in the form of revocation of randis rights and performance sanctions will await," said Wahdi, Monday (10/4/23).

He emphasized that randis could only be used for traveling in the Lampung area. "It is clear that randis cannot leave the Lampung area. But if they are in the Lampung area, they may," said Wahdi.

Wahdi said officials were allowed to use randis outside the area for work purposes. On the other hand, randis are prohibited from being used outside the region for personal gain.

"The official car is for work purposes. If I have an invitation to Bali, that's fine, because I'm at work. But if an invitation to Jakarta is for personal gain, it's not allowed," he said firmly.

Wahdi also warned not to borrow randis to other people. "If the randis is used by someone else, they will definitely get a penalty. The first time the car is revoked. Then it is subject to performance sanctions," he said.

Metro City Secretary, Bangkit Haryo Utomo added, his party would immediately issue a circular regarding the prohibition of using reddis for going home.

"Later we will make a circular letter. Randis cannot leave Lampung. But if you go to Bandar Jaya or Bandar Lampung, you may. Unless found in Jakarta or in Cilegon, you may not," he said.

The Acting Regional Secretary of West Lampung Regency (Lambar), Adi Utama also prohibited ASN from using official vehicles for going home or for recreation during the Eid al-Fitr holidays.

Adi Utama said that official vehicles may only be used for government purposes, and may not be used for other things.

"All employees or ASN holding official vehicles are prohibited from using their vehicles for going home and for recreation. Because official vehicles may only be used for the benefit of government affairs," he emphasized.

Adi revealed that a circular letter would soon be issued for this prohibition so that all ASNs could follow the directions that had been conveyed.

His party also conveyed the schedule of national holidays which will be held from 19 to 25 April 2023.

"So that automatically administrative public services are also on holiday. For example, e-KTP services and other services are on holiday, but for emergency services, for example those relating to life safety and others, they remain on standby and are still open for services," he said.

Previously, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) asked officials not to use official cars to go home during Eid. Leaders of ministries, agencies and government agencies were asked to confirm the ban.

"KPK has also appealed to the heads of ministries or institutions or regional governments and State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) or Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) to prohibit the use of official facilities for personal gain," said KPK prevention spokesperson, Ipi Maryati, Monday ( 10/4/23).

The ban also applies to other state facilities that can be used for going home. The KPK reminded officials to use their private vehicles for Eid.

The ban was based on official facilities not for personal use. The purpose of giving assets is to support the performance of officials. "Service facilities should only be used for official-related purposes," said Ipi.

The KPK has sent KPK Circular Letter (SE) Number 6 of 2023 dated March 30, 2023 concerning Prevention of Corruption and Control of Gratification Related to Hari Raya to remember this ban. Officials are expected to ignore the notification. (*)

This news has been published in the Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper edition of Tuesday 11 April 2023 with the title "ASN Are Prohibited from Homecoming Using Official Vehicles"

Editor Sigit Pamungkas